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Sfimg - International Affiliate business the smart way with SFI

For those of you who are looking for business opportunities on the internet and want a better life , had high spirits , but do not have the capital , you can sign up to become an affiliate of a company like SFI .
This business requires only a minimum of five hours per week of your time to move on the internet . I'm sure your time on the internet to move more than five hours per week . That means that you are already qualified to take advantage of the opportunity to have a bright future with SFI
 Register yourself > Complete all tasks > EA upgrade to > introduce a friend to EA > Retirement ( that's all you need to do ! ) .
Without upgrades to your EA effort will be in vain . Because all of the bonus under the EA you will pass by your upline to above which have reached the EA .
If you have enrolled in SFI what should you do? If you're new course still groping to figure out how to work the SFI . I suggest to make it easier to fill perterjemahan LOUNCHPAD ™ language it would be nice to wear GOOGLE CRHOME you can install here .
Without much prologue I will immediately provide guidance that can make you better understand how to run SFI .
 1 . Checks level or position in the SFI - > There are 3 levels or positions in SFI . If you've signed up you " is not included in the SFI Level " , is the First Affiliate ( A ) If the VP 600 VP , Second is an Executive Affiliate ( EA ) number of points your Versa 1500 VP , and the third one is the Team Leader ( TL ) 3000 VP . In each level there are advantages and kerugianya respectively . To check your position to where you can see it in the top right corner every time you log in SFI .
 2 . Never half - half - > If already enrolled in the SFI should never do it half in half because it will make you just a waste of time , but in this case I would take you more steady and serious in running the SFI . Spend a few hours for your time , and you will feel it in the near future .
 3 . Be An EA to start receiving income from SFI - > You just need one more step to begin to obtain the results of the SFI . If you have become an Executive Affiliate you will benefit . What advantage ? The advantage you will get a bonus percentage of 30-60 % of the Downline , powerline or products sold by you or your downline . What should you do? The first step is to go to the Home menu - > My To - Do List - > click the one by the points is at the " GETTING STARTED ACTIONS - " for the asterisk ( * ) click the logo is green enough upper right corner ( V ) . The second step moves to Hot Spots menu - > click the points that are on the LaunchPad ™ at every point there is no question that you must answer , do not hesitate to answer because if the answer wrong you will be asked to repeat your answers to the correct answers . The third step Klick points that exist in the INTERMEDIATE ACTIONS specifically on points 'For installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal website or blog ,' If you do not already have a domain / blog I suggest to make in blogspot do not make in wordpress because it is not compatible with TripleClicks , and if you already have a blog then just after you click the points mentioned in the description of the Choose any TripleClicks banner from this page select your preferred banner copy the HTML code into your blog banner - > back again kehalaman install banner - > in the box book URL type in your url address - > click the submit . so you will be EA .
 4 . Be a Team Leader Robust activity Standart - > So Team Leader should not blindly in the promotion or seeking Downline . Try the usual but with a mature strategy , because in this way we do not deplete our time . How? enough to make 5 of your downline become an EA each Month then you will be a TL ( Team Leader ) Minimal earning $ 100 per month without you having to take any action , ( not easy ... ;) ) but keep in mind your SVP must remain pocketed 10 per month , so you can still earn it . If you want more to get your Downline earnings of more than 5 people who become EA .
 5 . Be Lazy Person * But Smart - > This is a sentence that is hyperbolic of me to bridge the real you behind all that to make you more productive . How do I trick is to find under your downline using your Gateway and you can see here .
Navigate your downline or prospective buyers of your products in the links on gateway.Selanjutnya give direction to the downline to be be the same as my EA meberi briefing today . I prefer if our friends or relatives for referrals can be made because it is easier to steer. If you have a website or blog of your gateway put in the right position so that you can have a lot of referrals .
Similarly, my guide for you , hopefully you more determined to join with SFI . Not to join ? please register .
SFI Clickbucks
Is one way that made ​​by SFI to enhance your main income . With ClickBucks you will be more easy to keep your position in either EA or BTL without you spending money or buying products from SFI . ClikBucks is easy to use once because it is made ​​as easy as possible and the program is already in all countries other than Indonesia .
How does Clickbucks :
You just advertise ClickBucks Gateway website to get new affiliater . You will get $ 1 till $ 4 for each registrant Full Access Affiliate ( affiliater must be confirmed by SFI ) .
The amount of your commission depends on the activity of the applicant after he received at SFI . At a minimum you can earn commission $ 1 for each registrant . But if it is going to cheat by registering yourself then this program will not allow you to wear it again , aka your blacklist . Why is that ? because maybe you are registering themselves to be able to get a commission ( this is the thing I do not recommend ) . You will get 1 SVP for $ 2 is paid off . Quite right ... imagine you do not need to buy stuff just to get 10 points SVP , If you manage to get 10-20 applicants each if the calculated minimum pendapatnnya $ 1 . Not only that you also are also entitled to a bonus of upline CV ( Commission Volume ) by 50 % of the total you receive .
How Can We See ClickBucks results ?
You can use the links

SFI Gateway
SFI is the gateway or gateway in this case is a link that is used to search for or link Downline for selling products of SFI on our behalf . For example in this case I have a gateway that has been given by SFI : and when people open the link , and they sign up then that person will be our downline .
Not only that very much at all for the gateway variants can be shaped text or banner , Flyers Etc. . you can
get in Marketing Aids section at the Links
If you have enrolled in SFI then you will get the link and you can use for your own purposes later . If you have not signed up , sign up now .

Secret Key to Success in SFI

    Key Secrets to Become Prosperous with SFI :
1 . FOCUS : Focus on your choice in the SFI Comp Plans (choose 1 or more - choose from 12 different ways to make money ) .
2 . BECOME EA : EA to upgrade as soon as possible ) in a way to buy or sell products SFI .
3 . AFFILIATESS SPONSOR : Sponsor your affiliates to SFI ( SFI 's Network EyeEarn easier - you got a new affiliate and money ! )
4 . PSAs BECOME YOUR HELP EA : Help your affiliates into EA and Team Leaders ( Only with your help can be a PSA 5 Team Leader ) .
5 . Tell this secret to your friends !

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